Spring 2013 MVOR

Spring/Summer 2013 MVOR

July 12-14

New and improved, but STILL at DILLARD, MO!

UPDATE:  July 1st.  The creek crossings are DRY!  The weather forecast is for a typical summer weather pattern of "scattered" and "isolated" thunderstorms for the next 2 weeks.  With dry ground that can absorb water now, even extended thunderstorms won't raise the creek.  See the pics on the MVOR facebook page.

We are asking for help in a couple of areas.  If you're looking to come down Thursday, or Friday morning, and have a chainsaw or a weed wacker that you can bring, we could use some help cleaning up the area and cutting bundles of firewood for the Howdy Party, personal campfires, etc.  The area around the bonfire has grown up a bit too.  So weed wackers to open the area back up would be greatly appreciated.

Don't forget to bring sunscreen, and especially bug spray.  Oh, and swimming clothes.  The creek is beautiful and ready for a bunch of hot cavers. 

Welcome back to the Spring/Summer 2013 MVOR website. This year’s MVOR and business meeting will STILL be held on the private property immediately behind the Dillard Mill Missouri State Historic Site. The property is an unimproved field directly across the Huzzah Creek from the mill.

There will be the usual, camping, Howdy Party, banquet, and gathering of friends, along with vendors, informational booths, a guest speaker, bonfire, and local attractions, including Mill tours, wineries, self-guided float trips, and more. At this writing, there will be a few cave trips.  Also, since it's summer, there's a great swimming hole, and we'll have fireworks too (ours, not yours).

Chris St. George will be catering the banquet on Saturday night. Expect great food, and lots of it! The menu is: Pulled pork, smoked chicken breast, homemade smoked sausage, BBQ beans, fried potatoes and onions, cole slaw, and pasta salad.

As noted earlier, the original dates did not allow us to be on the site prior to the MVOR opening on Friday morning at 8:00.  At this time, we're not sure how things are going to go, but please don't plan to come before Thursday night.  If things change, THIS is the official site for these changes.

Just in case you weren't aware from the last time, the Huzzah Creek rises quickly when there is heavy rain.  3 inches IS considered "heavy rain".  So this time, if more than 1 inch of rain is predicted to fall within a day or two of the MVOR weekend, we will have an alternate plan, posted here.  If that means I have to drive to Cuba to update the website the night before, I will do that.

This is still a pack-in, pack-out weekend.  There will be no recycling.  

Also: MVOR amateur radio operators will be monitoring 146.520 MHz FM.  All are welcome to visit our ham radio station at the Chouteau camp for above-ground or below-ground radio info.  See Mike Morgan, Bill Schaper or John Kessler.

Additional Notes:

Don't camp outside the designated areas.

If you find a cow chip in your camp area, consider it yours.  (They make great gifts!)

Please do not bring in ash firewood.  If you don't know your ash from your your hardwood, please don't go waving it around in front of everybody.  Or better yet, leave it at home.  There's plenty of dead fall to take directly from the woods surrounding the site.

Please leave the generators at home, unless there is a proven medical need for it. This is a smaller MVOR area, and we’re going to be really friendly.  The vendors will be using generators, but these will be turned off at close of their stores.

This rule still goes.  Please leave the motorcycles and 4-wheelers at home.  Cavers who hike 3 miles uphill to a cave, crawl around in mud and water for 8 or 10 hours, then hike 3 miles back to the car (again, uphill) and then go drinking for a couple of  hours do NOT need a 4-wheeler to go 30 feet to the johnny.  

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