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Spring 2012 Date

Date set for MVOR will be April 26-29 2012..


This will be a primitive site. Those of you who know perry county know a few truths..........


approximately 700 caves on record, Of those there are many 1 mile systems, a handfull of 2-3 mile systems and the top 4 caves in the state, Rimstone 14.2 miles, Mystery 15.84 miles, Berome 18 miles, and Crevice 29.6 miles.


While there are all these caves there simply isn't an abundance of camp grounds or camp ground type areas that are willing to let us have a MVOR event at them, so this region is stuck with relying on private land owners for letting us use their land, just like they let us use their caves.

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Just a follow up to this, we

Just a follow up to this, we are now looking at a different site for the MVOR. Still in Perry county, about 10 minutes from town, it will simply be a better suited site. More details later as they emerge.


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Who is the contact person for the semo ;mvor?

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For the fastest response, you

For the fastest response, you can email me at chads93gt@hotmail.com and I can answer any questions you have.




Mr. Bill
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t shirts

I know from past MVOR's that 2X is typically the largest size available.  I would like to ask that 3X be offered.  I also know that they cost more.  What I'm asking is that they be available by pre-registration only if that helps with your shirt supplier and whatever the cost is, is is included with the pre-registration form and check.  I'm looking to make this a win win proposal.  I certainly don't want the hosting grotto to be stuck with extra costs, but I and maybe others would appreciate their availability.


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Any update on the site yet?

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I didn't know the 2012 MVOR

I didn't know the 2012 MVOR site was moved. 

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Spring MVOR

Looking forward to caving in Perry County again!


Daniel Lamping
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19.46 miles and growing beats

19.46 miles and growing beats 3 of "the top four caves in the state."  Looking forward to a Perry County MVOR...

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Hey Dan, huge typo on my part, I should have proof read. I mean 4 of the top 5 caves in the state, not the top four. thanks for pointing that out!

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