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MVOR informal survey

(this also was posted to the MVOR yahoo group)

1. What's the main reason why you attend MVOR?
a) To see my (regional) caver friends.
b) To go caving in the specific area where it's taking place.
c) Whether I attend depends on factors like the campground, who's hosting, what amenities are being offered, or how far I must travel to get there.
d) All, or some, of the above.
e) None of the above (please write-in your own main reason).
2. How important is the dollar amount of the registration fee you pay?
a) Not important. Whether it's $10, $15 or $20, I'll pay it because I know that's the price that will cover the host's expenses.
b) It's somewhat important.
c) Very important. Cavers are notoriously frugal, and if it's more than I can afford, I won't attend.
3. What's the maximum amount you'd pay for MVOR registration?
a) No more than $15.
b) No more than $20.
c) Provided there were lots of amenities, I'd pay up to $30 to attend (or write-in your own maximum amount).
4. To what extent do you care about MVOR 'business'?
a) Not at all. Leave it to the Board and others to worry about the funds in the Treasury, what to do with the money and what goes on at the Business Meeting.
b) Somewhat. I'll listen-in at the Business Meeting and vote when called upon, but I have no strong feelings about participating.
c) It's our Region, after all, and I care greatly about how our funds are spent.
5. WHEN should the Business Meeting be conducted?
a) Hold the meeting Saturday night, because on Sunday I'm thinking of nothing but departing.
b) Hold the meeting on Sunday morning. Following the Saturday evening banquet, my attention is more focused on the bonfire lighting and the Saturday evening social party. A Saturday Business Meeting also may be subject to some inebriated participants and/or, heaven forbid, "streakers."
c) It doesn't matter to me, have it either Saturday night or Sunday morning.
d) I usually don't attend the Business Meeting.
6. How important is it to you that we try to get more cavers and new people to attend MVOR and thus increase the financial base for the event?
a) Not important. Let's keep it relatively small, the way it's been for the past few years, with 200-400 people.
b) Somewhat important. If more registrants would support finances for more amenities, then let's make a goal of growing the event to 400-500 people.
c) It's very important. The MVOR hosts have a tough time making ends meet, so let's do all we can to get lots more attendees, like 500-600 people.
7. How concerned are you that by switching to an email registration form, we might get too many of the 'wrong' people attending?
a) Very concerned. Let's keep it the traditional way of snail-mailing the form only to those on our working list.
b) Slightly concerned. I recognize that an email registration form could save the MVOR Treasury around $300 in mailing costs for every event.
c) Not concerned at all. If we need to attract more attendees and start using an electronic registration form, the host can always 'reject' an unknown applicant and simply send it back to the person if we suspect he's not an active caver. Saving the $300 mailing costs and moving away from paper registration is the logical thing to do in today's electronic age.
8. On a scale of 1-to-3 (with '1' being 'very important'), how important to you are the following amenities at a MVOR event:
a) number of caves offered
b) music in general, whether live or DJ/prerecorded
c) music on Friday
d) music on Saturday
e) campsite showers
f) vertical/rope area
g) auction
h) guest speaker
i) hot tub/sauna
j) children's area
k) continue to allow pets
l) caver contests (vertical, squeeze box, etc)
m) event t-shirts
So far, only a few responses have been received (from the YahooGroup posting, two days ago). So far, the results favor a SUNDAY business meeting and that folks are willing to pay a higher registration fee if necessary.
Please voice your opinion either by replying here, or by sending me a direct email (garygibula -at- AOL -dot- com). Your response should look like: "1-c, 2-b," etc. and feel free to write-in comments on any survey questions.
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