Question about re-registering for July MVOR

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Question about re-registering for July MVOR

Hi Alicia and Jim -

I just got the new flyer int he mail.  Thanks!  And color even!  It answers questions for those who never preregistered and for those who won't be at the reschedule.  There is a third category - Preregisters who will be at the rescheduled event.

1) I sent an email saying I would be there, and I got a reply.  Is anything more needed?  Do I need to send in a re-registration form?

2) Are the t-shirts the same?  I suspect they are not. 

2a) Can I complain about not having t-shirts in small?  I can wear a medium, but small is really my size.

3) I ordered two t-shirts for the canceled event and would like to get them.  Can I pick them up at the reshceduled event?

4) Is there any new registration fee?  Y'all are out some bucks (portapotties, etc) that I am sure cannot be covered for the reschedule. 

5) I assume the site opens Friday morning, same as before.  Right?

Thanks - Bill Gee

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