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All the info I have

For those of you asking about an "official" reschedule date. I have no idea. I did not organize the event. I just was handling the talk/map thing. I am no longer in the area. I was posting on behalf of the event organizers (Alicia Wallace,and Jim Minie). As far as I know cars/trucks are stuck on the little island that is Dillard Mill. They should have a small window of opportunity to escape today. I know some people went to Huzzah Valley. I hope they are having a good time and keeping the flame lit. My wife and I hung out for most of the day, making sure the stuck people where safe, and advising those that showed up what was going on. When Alicia's husband showed up, we handed off the radio and headed home. Our camper took on a lot of water crossing the creek, and all our stuff was wet. Everything. There was nothing further we could do from or side of the creek. Just for clarification, there was a back way out of the main site. It was 4x4 only. Some people where stuck at site, those with vans or low clearance autos. Jim and Alicia, and I believe Larry A got stuck IN BETWEEN the creek crossings. When we left, they had moved up to the actual Mill (DNR) property to escape rising waters. The first crossing was a Class 2-3 rapid, not kidding. Joel Laws was very lucky not to lose his van. So, according to the radar, it is not raining down there now. Hopefully they will get out today. Service is very limited down at the site. I am sure that a date for rescheduling will be discussed and released when appropriate, but right now they are not even home. Please give them a few days to dry out, and collect thoughts. I can tell you personally that the decision to cancel was not taken lightly. Anyone who has thrown an MVOR understands the tremendous amount of work, money, time, and energy it takes to put it on. It was heartbreaking to cancel. We could have dealt with mud, and being uncomfortable (we are cavers right?) but this became a safety issue. We all understand that many of you have been inconvenienced, and we apologize. If you headed out, I hope you are enjoying your weekend. If you stayed home, I hope you enjoyed a rainy night movie with your significant other, children, or pets. Stay Safe......Tony Schmitt

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