The low (?) water crossings

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The low (?) water crossings

For those who did not make the trip - Below is a photo of the third creek crossing.  This is looking backwards toward the field where MVOR was supposed to have taken place.  The smudge in the upper left is a raindrop on the camera lens.  If you look carefully through the smudge, you can see Brian Andrich's truck in the background.

I crossed this about an hour earlier going in.  At that time the road on the far side of the crossing was not flooded.  In an hour the stream rose 6 or 8 inches.  At a guess there is close to a foot of water to drive through.

The scary thing is this was the shallowest of the three crossings!  The second crossing had to have 12 or 14 inches in it.  Even with my high clearance 4x4, I had to gun it to get through.  It was deep enough that the serpentine belt got wet and started sqeaking.

Yep, I think calling this one off was the right move.  Too bad, since if it had been dry this was a GREAT location.

Bill Gee



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