we have a new vendor

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we have a new vendor

Hello all,

We have a new vendor. He is a metal worker and has some beautiful stuff!  Come by and see him on site, at work on his antique portable forge!  Specialty items of memorabilia for the Fall 2012 MVOR and more.

Support  our vendors!

Support or loose them.

Did you leave the wife or girlfriend at home, take them a gift.

Need a small portable grill for that  over night kayak trip visit Bonnie and Clyde.

Got a anniversary coming up. Suggestion Potters mud for that special dinner candle and maybe a little piece of gold or silver from Digger or Micki.

Got a hang over can't motivate to cook next morning , Teddy cakes has early hot coffee and fresh off the grill affordable breakfast both Sat and Sun. 

Don and I  are still working on confirming other vendors , but put some thought into how you can incorporate some of their unique items into your life style.

Thanks for your attention and vendor support ,

Don and Teddy



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