host of the 2012 MOVR message to all

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Theresa Marsan
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host of the 2012 MOVR message to all

  This is a thematic MVOR something new to stimulate your senses.

 Don and I been caving since 1994 , caving has been a gift to us. We have long thought of how we might give something back to the caving community. How could we give to so many who have given us so much.  MVOR was the only answer. And so for the last two years we have been  working hard to bring the sites and flavor of  Mexico to you. Some of you know I do art please view the MVOR web site and see the MCKC raffle piece.  (For those of you who have been to our MVG float you know I do most things over the top).

Imagine seeing the Mayan ruins in your own backyard!!

Tantalizing  your taste buds at a mexican  banquet!

Listen for the distant drums announcing the arrival of the king and shaman!

View the Mayan ceremony to lift the curse of the "End of Days"

Heed the call, follow the procession of the priestess to the sacred fire and ceremony!

Bring your  serape' , sombrero and fire water.

Rejoice and dance all night by the light of the fire as the curse is lifted!

Bring your magic eye box to record sights as the " End of Days" only happens once!!

Do you have a active imagination?  BRING IT!



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