Fall MVOR 2020-Hosted by the Daedalus Cavers!


*****Fall MVOR 2020 Flyer*****


The Daedalus Cavers have stepped up to host the Fall 2020 MVOR. The link to the registration flyer is HERE!

For direct contact to BIrdnest please call 573-775-2606

Mississippi Valley Ozark Region

Photo by Dan Lamping

What is the MVOR?
MVOR, Mississippi Valley Ozark Region, is an internal organization of the National Speleological SocietyThe purpose of the MVOR is to promote fellowship, exploration, and safety among cavers in the MVOR region.

If you need more information please post a message on the message board, or contact us.

The MVOR business meeting minutes, constitution, information about past MVORs and Lester B. Dill Award information are available. If you would like to talk caves and MVOR, please join the MVOR Yahoo! Group.

If you are member of the MVOR, make sure you register.


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